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Wednesday Links & Notes

  • Kevin Durant: "That was a good welcome to the league. Kevin Martin's going to be an All-Star this year and Ron Artest is the best defensive player in the league. It's only going to help me out, though."
  • Kevin Pelton of and many other basketball websites reminds me of a moment I'd forgotten from last night: "If you're looking for another sign this is merely a preseason game, know this: P.J. Carlesimo just called a timeout with Mike Bibby guarding Kevin Durant."
  • The boxscore. Justin Williams was practically invisible, save a pretty egregious over-the-back off a John Salmons missed free throw. But he kept up his typical rebounding rate, with three boards in seven minutes.
  • Mark Kreidler, writing for, took a lot more out of the game than even we did.
  • We Rite Good makes us feel a bit better about possible microfracture for Spencer Hawes by reminding everyone how bad ACL tears used to be. I hope we don't have to find out first hand. But it's a little settling, I think. (Via TrueHoop.)
  • The vaunted Deadspin commenters on Brad Miller's cornrows. (Is it weird I now get excited when a Kings topic appears on Deadspin? That feeling used to be reserved for Pardon the Interruption.)
  • Kevin Broom on the disparity between coaches in the NFL and NBA with regards to embracing advanced metrics and charting.
  • That game thread last night was fantastic. To 89 more!