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Thursday Links & Notes

  • Apparently, Reggie Theus can do a good Francisco Garcia impersonation. If that whole Frank TV thing doesn't work out (but how could it go wrong?!?), maybe Reggie can slide back to the small screen.
  • Marty McNeal notes that all of Eric Musselman's assistants found work. Muss himself did not. Of course, none of the assistants got paid $5 million to go away.
  • Ailene Voisin seems to think Spencer Hawes' career is destined to fail since he had knee surgery this week. Or something. I don't know. You figure it out.
  • It's the Southwestivus! Jennifer Love Hewitt references, an appearance by Lady Ziller. What more could you want? (What's that? Funny writing? Better effort? Oh... noted.)
  • Basketball Prospectus is alive. And in very exciting news, Kevin Pelton will be writing on NBA topics. AWESOME.
  • Ron Artest broke Luke Ridnour's nose the other night.
  • Mike D'Antoni says no Suns will be playing long minutes tonight in Sacramento. We will get to see everyone but Amare Stoudemire and possibly Leandro Barbosa, though.