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Game -7/82 vs Phoenix, Open Game Thread

The second preseason game is here. Francisco Garcia will be playing, and I haven't seen any late scratches.

What I'm looking for:

  • Will Kevin Martin come out as aggressive as on Tuesday?
  • Will Mikki Moore show us some offense?
  • Will our guards continue to swarm on defense?
  • How many shots will Ron Artest take outside of 10-foot versus inside?
  • Will Brad Miller keep on driving, or will he seek to establish his jumper early?
  • Will Mustafa Shakur get in the game?
Again, it's early preseason... and since the team just played Tuesday, some guys might end up with more rest than you'd think. But if it didn't mean anything, we wouldn't watch, right?

Tip is at 7 pm again. Comments before, during, and after go right here in this thread. Go Kings. (Which means: "Don't get hurt, Kings.")