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Saturday Links & Notes

  • Bonzi Wells professes to know The Reggie Rules won't work in Sacramento: "If I know Mike (Bibby) and Ron (Artest), it's not sitting too well with them. If might be a rift, or guys might just be a professional and roll with it. Time will tell."
  • Theus says some cuts will come before the Kings leave for New Mexico on Monday. My guess: Brandon Robinson, Rashid Byrd and Adam Parada. That puts the team at 14 live bodies for practice/exhibition purposes.
  • Individual game tickets are on sale. Looks like all the cheap Boston and Lakers tickets are sold out. Bummer, too -- that Dec. 26 Celtics game would've been fun.
  • The essential response to Gilbert Arenas' Halogate.
  • A Monarch got arrested for DUI on Thursday. Only in Sacramento do the pro sports personnel who get DUIs end up as coaches and WNBA players.