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Sunday Links & Notes, Reggie Edition

  • The way folks are talking about Orien Greene, he sounds like a guy who's sticking: "I think he's headed down the right track -- I really do," Theus said of Greene. "I don't need him to show me his offense. I need him to knock down the open shot, pass it, and drive and kick. I don't need him seeking out his offense. I need him to concentrate on defense and pushing that damn ball down the floor."
  • Ailene Voisin talks to Ron Artest, who at least appears to be handling Reggie Theus well. A key sentence: "He's asking me to not pound (dribble) the ball so much. He's demanding that I really move the ball, and that's going to make me a better player." Yes please.
  • And more on the team's effort in Theus' eyes, from Sam Amick's blog: "They're showing me a willingness to learn, and I can't ask for any more," Theus said. "I'm a little surprised, actually. Guys are really tuned in, and they're playing hard. I think right now, that they're trusting me, trusting our staff that we're going to get better and that the stuff we're doing is going to ultimately work for us."
  • Las Cruces seems excited to have Reggie back for a day.
  • HOOPSWORLD's Bill Ingram is overwhelmingly unenthusiastic about The Reggie Rules.