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What Happened to Shareef

That's a statement, not a question. Sam Amick gets Reggie Theus to dig at Eric Musselman once more in a story about Shareef Abdur-Rahim and the power forward situation.

"He's one of our guys who can score around the basket," Theus said. "I've been talking to our guys about getting the ball inside. We have to have an inside presence. My understanding is that last year, the guys were told not to throw it inside, and I'm the exact opposite of that. ... He's so long, and he really knows how to play the game."

(Emphasis mine.) You might remember last season's Knicks away game on MLK Jr. Day. Shareef finally got to get on the post and go to work. Kevin Martin found him time and again. And Reef abused the Knicks. It was criminal. In retrospect, I have no idea how Martin and Reef got away with it. Maybe that's why Musselman handcuffed Speed Racer the rest of the season -- because he dare show how valuable a post game is.

Shareef can't do that every night. But he can still do it. The Kings weren't one of the worst shooting teams in the league despite Martin's performance for no reason. Attacking the paint with Shareef and Ron Artest is not only smart, it's exciting. Let's hope it actually happens.