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Tuesday Links & Notes

  • We've been stuck on Eddie House-Bobby Jackson comparisons for Quincy Douby. Marty McNeal introduces a less instinctive possibility: Vinnie "The Microwave" Johnson. McNeal: "Johnson was as thick as Douby is slight, but the second-year guard also has some electronic scoring abilities we'll soon see. We'll see them even quicker when he stops passing up wide-open shots. That should be a finable offense for a guy with the ability to catch and shoot like he can." The one major difference I see: Douby can surely shoot better from long-range than The Microwave. Johnson never broke 30% from three in the prime of his career; I think Douby can be a 35-37% deep shooter. (He shot 40% at Rutgers in 2005-06 as the only offensive threat.) But it's going to take a lot of work for Douby to even approach Johnson's impact.
  • Reggie Theus is trying to get New Mexico State students into tonight's exhibition against Dallas for free.
  • From the same Sam Amick story: "... said Theus, who still owns a home in Las Cruces and has been back twice since June for dove hunting trips with friends." People hunt doves?
  • Blazers Edge takes a look at the Kings.
  • Ron Artest has apologized for everything he did to in Indiana.
  • You know why I love sports? The youthful exuberation that comes with winning. Example: the Colorado Rockies. How often to you see grown men so happy?