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Justin Williams' Threesome (Allegedly) Gone Wrong

(This is the requisite Justin Williams update. I don't particularly care to write about this type of stuff, if you haven't noticed. But this is a Kings blog, and sadly a Kings matter. So yeah.)

The Bee's Ryan Lillis catches us up on the Justin Williams allegations. From the looks of things, Williams and his girlfriend went to a party and met this second girl. They invited her back to Justin's home. They (allegedly) got busy. The second girl says Justin and his girlfriend drugged her. Justin says that did not happen, but his lawyer to this point hasn't denied some business occurred.

If Williams did drug the woman -- which seems to be her central claim, no one's talking about 'force' -- then the evidence from the hospital examination will bear that out. She apparently went to the hospital the morning after the incident, and I think that's enough time to get accurate results. (Of course, I'm not an expert on date rape drugs. Anyone know more?)

I'm not sure how telling it is or is not that Williams wasn't arrested Thursday when he flew back into town. You'd assume, in a situation like this, if we were going to be arrested, it'd come ASAP. But I'm not a law enforcement expert, either.

Oh, and Ailene Voisin manages to refer to Williams as a 'creep' and compare him to Ron Artest and Eric Musselman... before a single charge has been brought against him. (She doesn't out-and-out call him a 'creep,' but there's no other way to read her column. Unless she is the least self-aware writer in the world, she was passing judgment on Justin. Thank goodness Geoff Petrie destroyed her by the end of the column. Not because Williams is necessarily innocent. But because the Kings aren't subject to this stuff any more than any other franchise. Show me an NBA franchise with a perfect record.)