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Tuesday Links & Notes

  • I'll have a few longer posts on my thoughts from media day in the next couple days. But let's capture some of that here, too. The Bee's Sam Amick writes about Brad Miller's personal revelations yesterday -- among the health issues, his daughter Anniston was born prematurely last January. He talked about how rough that was on him and how he's ready to put such a terrible year behind him. Believe all the hype about how hard he worked this summer -- I'm not joking when I say he looks like a stronger Spencer Hawes. Marty McNeal agrees.

  • Mike Bibby spent the entire session joking with Kevin Martin. One of the guys from KOVR Channel 13's The Sports Show brought a glossy of that infamous Reggie Theus glamour shot as a gag. When they showed Bibby, he ran clear across the gym to where Martin was to show him. (No one believed it was real, by the way -- except Gavin Maloof. He admitted that was real reason they hired Reggie.) Bibby was actually full of life most of the season.
  • The basketball division of SB Nation has a new partner: Third Quarter Collapse, a blog on the Orlando Magic.
  • Media notes: Both Ailene Voisin and Scott Howard-Cooper are tiny people. Jim Kozimor is made of porcelain. Danny Pommels is hilarious (or at least everyone around him thinks so -- where there was Pommels, there was laughter). The cold war between Grant Napear and Marty McNeal is over. Well, they got together and cursed about the Giants for about 10 minutes once Mac arrived. And honestly, I don't know which one curses more. Marty's curse words to non-curse words ratio is damn high, but Grant talks a lot more (surprise) so his raw curse output is hard to beat. Mike Lamb isn't as big as he looks on TV or sounds when he's talking about beef products. Jerry Reynolds is the definition of unassuming. Jim Crandell could be Bryan May's grandfather. Garry Gerould's hair is so silver it actually sparkles. Sam Amick couldn't be a nicer guy. Carmichael Dave almost got thrown out because someone thought he was a homeless guy who wandered in. Tom Ziller's a douchebag who stood around judging everyone for two hours.
  • Amare Stoudemire got his knee scoped. The last time this happened, I was sharing an email conservation with celebrity Suns fan Neal Pollack. In unrelated news, Neal Pollack has not returned my calls this week. (Kidding. He returned them with a restraining order courtesy of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department.)
  • On Spencer Hawes' knee: I was going to wait to write about this, but it's getting some attention. He said he just tweaked it. Last week. And he was noticeably limping yesterday. He told Amick he'd be sitting out today's practice, and Geoff Petrie said they were still evaluating it. Media day involves a lot of standing up -- photos, green-screen interviews, cheesy dance moves for the in-arena video stuff. Shawes did all those things. But when he was waiting on another station to open, he was sitting. And when he went to stand, he grimaced. And when he walked, he looked like he was in pain. I'm not trying to start a panic -- the kid could still walk. But after three days of treatment, he was still feeling that much pain. Hope Pete Youngman can work his magic.