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Hollinger Predicts 27 Wins

It's on Insider, so here's just a taste from The Professor:

I'm looking for the worst Kings season yet -- and that's before they break out the dynamite. Artest can opt out of his contract after the season and is highly likely to, while the Bibby rumors won't die; there's a good chance he'll be a goner by the trade deadline, if not sooner. Once they do that, there's no reason for the Kings to keep their aging frontcourt players, either, so it could set in motion a slew of departures.

One thing: Hollinger says the defense will be terrible because of the emaciated frontcourt. The Kings were 21st last year, and the frontcourt is actually improved with a healthy Brad Miller and Mikki Moore. Barring an Artest trade, I expect the team to finish somewhere around 15th (average) in defense.