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Carril Working As a Volunteer Coach With the Wizards

A throw-away note out of the Associated Press's account from Washington's training camp:

Former Princeton coach Pete Carrill is working as a volunteer assistant this week; he and Jordan met as assistants with the Sacramento Kings. "When he speaks," Jordan said, "everyone listens." Carrill spent time with various players, including giving Arenas pointers on throwing entry passes. "They worked very hard and they're very enthusiastic," Carrill said of the Wizards as a group, "but that's always the case the first day, right?"

If Brendan Haywood starts threading backdoor bounce passes to Caron Butler, I'm going to shriek. Also: How hard is it for the Associated Press of all news organizations to figure out how to spell Coachie's last name? He's been around Earth for 77 years, for God's sake.

(Prayers for Etan Thomas. Heart problems are no joke.)