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Sacramento Kings - (Kevin Martin + Ron Artest) x Back-to-Back + Road Game = OH GOD That Was Terrible

My grandmother always told me to find the good in everything. So...

  • Mike Bibby's getting all of his misses out of the way early this year.
  • Brad Miller's getting all of his incessant bitching and complaining out of the way early this year.
  • The team's letting Martell Webster and Travis Outlaw get all there dunks and wide-open jumpers out of the way early this year.
  • Reggie Theus is not the Lord Baby Jesus, so he's not going to get crucified soon; therefore, he'll be our coach for a while.
If you told me Friday morning we'd see some groovy three-guard action, my mind would have raced all day. Forgive me if I now feel like I'll vomit if I ever see a Shakur-Greene-Douby backcourt again.

I think we all agree John Salmons' beard is ridiculous. Spencer Hawes' beard actually makes me eyes hurt.

Sigh. I guess you know the season's near when the games start to get depressing.