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Saturday Links & Notes

  • (The links & notes are back.)
  • Spencer Hawes is back with the team and expects to be back on the court at the end of November. He also sat with Grant & Jerry during the second quarter last night; his beard, ladies and gentlemen, must be stopped.
  • The injuries which kept Kevin Martin and Ron Artest from playing are not serious, according to the team.
  • Dallas seems sore about the lack of suspension for Brad Miller in the Devin Harris-Josh Howard tussle. Here's Mark Cuban in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "It seems like every time we play the Kings, Devin ends up on his back." Shocking, considering Harris is considered one of the biggest floppers in the league. Why on Earth would he always end up on his back?!
  • The Blazers brought 13,000 fans out last year. It was a very good crowd.