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Requisite Justin Williams Post, Day Three

Justin Williams' lawyer told The Bee the threesome which has sunk the King in legal trouble was completely consensual. He also says he has proof. Which could very well mean...

Justin Williams Sex Tape.

The quote in question:

"The truth is nothing happened that night that was not consensual, and we have proof of it," Portanova said. "While some people may find it distasteful to think about it, it's a reality of 21st-century life."

Are threesomes a reality of 21st-century life? Or is proof of threesomes (presumably video, maybe some sort of awkward contract) a reality of 21st-century life?

You know, it feels like the case has been significantly deflated. We shouldn't assume it's going away, though. One thing that does seem almost certain based on the twists: the King aren't cutting Justin. They have to be confident he'll beat this rap (though I'm sure it's more important to them, as to us, that he's innocent of wrongdoing).