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Sunday Morning Links & Notes

  • Reggie Theus is irritated by that whole scouting report thing the Salt Lake Tirbune instigated. Theus (or someone with the team) says the reporter dug it out of a garbage can.
  • Marcos Breton is a false accuser. From his requisite Justin Williams column: "In [the Kobe Bryant rape] case, bloggers outed the victim." Um, even the oldest sports blogs barely existed in 2003 when the Kobe case dominated headlines. I don't think it was Bulls Blog (the predecessor to Blog-a-Bull) who leaked her name. It was Kobe-fan message boards who sought out the victim's name and history and spread it far and wide... and some mainstream sources (radio) followed. But of course, if you have a negative comment about something internet-related, let's just ignore the facts and blame it on blogs. Thumbs up, Marcos.
  • Mike Bibby has found new loquacity in talking about his role in Reggie's offense.
  • Both LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy will skip tonight's Blazers-Kings rematch. Unfortunately for the Kings, Travis Outlaw and Martell Webster are expected to play.
  • Sactown Royalty turned two years old yesterday. More than 1,300 posts and about 10,000 comments. Cheers.