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Monday Links & Notes

  • Grant Napear reported during the game last night Shareef Abdur-Rahim wants to play in one of the remaining preseason games and should be available opening night. I think Kenny Thomas is set as a starter for now; it will be interesting to see if Shareef gets slotted in front of Mikki Moore or not once his legs are back underneath him.
  • Here are Blazer's Edge's Dave's thoughts the thoughts Dave from Blazer's Edge has from game. He mentions Chris Ellis, whom: a) I had never heard of prior to last night, and b) almost beheaded a few Kings with his elbows. Calm down, man! The NBDL is not choosy.
  • The gentlemen of Free Darko preview every player in the NBA. Seriously. Actually, only A-F is up so far. Sample: "Douby, Quincy: films buddy cop pilot with Quincy Lewis." Most entries are about like that.
  • I support counting 'the pass before the pass' in some format. Of course, I also support counting possessions and potential assists, and assists which lead to foul shots. (Quincy Douby had two would-be assists to Darryl Watkins last night in which Watkins got hammered and misses the lay-ins but made his free throws. QD gets no credit for those. Jameer Nelson's assist numbers would look much better if those were counted.)
  • TheHype is some sort of genius.
  • Fandemonium is tonight at ARCO. Anyone going?