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Game -2/82, at LA Clippers, Open Game Thread

A week from now, they will count.

Until then, we get more John Salmons. He's looked good this preseason -- even on his off-nights, like Sunday -- and we can only pray that lasts until November.

We get to see if Quincy Douby can bounce back and start shooting well again. Speaking of which: count how many times his three-balls leave your TV and come back in almost vertically. Kind-of magic.

Ron Artest might actually still be in New York; Shareef Abdur-Rahim only got one practice in, so I think he won't debut tonight; all the other starters look to play big minutes.

In a situation like this -- you kind-of need to play the starters to get them ready, but it still counts for nothing -- all we can do is cross our fingers no wrists get jammed or ankles get rolled. Knock on wood, fabricated or natural.

And, of course, enjoy Paul Davis. Tips at 7pm. Comcast and KHTK.