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Thursday Links & Notes

  • Francisco Garcia's play was more unnerving last night than in prior crap games this preseason. Why? His defense looked horrid. His offense has been off-and-on all month... and that's fine; he's a slow starter. But the defense? That's gotta be a constant... especially against a poor offensive team like the Clippers.
  • This Clippers season might get exciting after all. You'll want to be tuned in when Al Thornton and Tim Thomas fight to the death over shot attempts. Should be very entertaining.
  • The final NBA Festivus, on our very own Pacific Division! I also do the big reveal on my postseason predictions.
  • How funny. Kevin Martin shoots 60% through six preseason games, and no sprinkler system activation is requested b y Grant Napear. Mike Bibby shoots 58% for one preseason game, and damn it! turn on those sprinklers! I don't really understand the entry requirements for this catchphrase, I guess.
  • By the way, it's preseason for the Associated Press as well. Bibby was the goat? No mention of the controversial no-call? John Salmonds?
  • Shareef Abdur-Rahim calls Mike Bibby "the black Larry David." This is much better than similar nicknames for Amare Stoudemire and Gilbert Arenas.
  • Free Darko: book deal.
  • I hear Justin Williams participates in this type of activity as well.
  • KCRA and the local American Red Cross have a pledge drive for victims of the Southern California firestorms. Visit the preceding link or call 1-800-513-3333 to donate. I think this is one instance in which we can look past the innate personality flaws which afflict the people of Los Angeles and help out. Blood is also needed.