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Voisin: The Greene Monster Will Start Wednesday

Ailene Voisin, breaking spreading news on a web-only column:

Reggie Theus is refusing to officially name his starting point guard for Wednesday night's season opener at New Orleans, but the identity of the mystery man was obvious while watching practice.

Orien Greene will start in Mike Bibby's usual spot alongside Kevin Martin. The move makes sense because the 6-foot-4 Greene is a better defender and ballhandler than Quincy Douby, and he matches up better against the cat-quick Chris Paul, Tony Parker and Devin Harris, the starting lead guards for the Kings' first three opponents in New Orleans, San Antonio and Dallas, respectively.

Actually, the whole column is good. She talks about how Kevin Martin needs a traditional point guard next to him, which is something fans have been clamoring for a long time now. (It's half the reason we're so eager to see a Mike Bibby trade come through.)

UPDATE: Actually, now that I look at it... Sam Amick had this news on his blog like six hours before Voisin's column went up.