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Coach Theus Unveils 'The Reggie Rules.' Commence Jokes.

Reggie Theus told his team about some new rules he'd be imposing for the upcoming season, as reported by The Bee's Sam Amick. The two major ones: There will be a nightly curfew on road trips, and players won't be allowed to use their cell phones on bus trips.

This is a far cry from last year, when the coach was pulling DUIs and making it rain with Mike Bibby and Ron Artest. I wonder if Reggie has the authority to retroactively fine Musselman, actually.

I appreciate the sheer ballsy-ness of The Reggie Rules. This is not a team filled with wild youngsters -- it's a mix of both wild and statesmanly veterans, with some both wild and statesmanly youngsters. But hell, if Ron-Ron needs to be babysat and Bibby needs to be prodded and Kenny Thomas needs to be confined to a tape room, so be it.

Beyond Musselman, two more reminders from last year which may very well lead to a coach-player fistfight if they recur this season: Ron-Ron just plain didn't show up to one road game last year, and in a home game he showed up to the arena within an hour of game time, and 15 minutes before the game announced he couldn't play. I wouldn't put a jab into Ron's nose out of the question; would you?

Last year, the franchise hired Harold Pressley to be the 'team mentor.' (He lasted four months.) Clearly, Reggie wants to take this discipline thing to another level. I'll be skeptical until we see it work. These are grown-ass men, some of which have shown a tendency not to respond well to authority. The ones who are good seeds are going to be pissed they can't call their wife or girlfriend on the hour-long ride from Denver's airport to the Pepsi Center. I hope it goes well -- Theus has a clean slate, right? -- but I'm not expecting The Rules to last.