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Opening Day Footnotes

  • Something bad's going on with Matt Barnes' family. All the best wishes from his Sactown fans and friends.
  • Orien Greene fouled out of his last game at Louisiana-Lafayette. He's got to make sure he doesn't pick up a quick two tonight.
  • Brad Miller will start. So will Ryan Bowen.
  • Speaking of B-52, he did a Q&A with The highlight: "I'll hunt for pretty much anything. I shot a gator this year, a pig... so I've got a lot of options."
  • One more note of comedic brilliance. Spencer Hawes, on who would play him in a movie: "Gheorge Muresan."
  • When the home opener (or another early game) doesn't sell out and all the columnists wring their hands about what a disaster it is, keep in mind how rare the sell-out streak was in the first place. San Antonio almost didn't sell out last night, for goodness sake.
  • The Hornets are 10-point favorites. !!! That's a lot of points.
  • Mookie Watkins (new official name, by the way) gets a nice write-up in his hometown paper.
  • Full preview and open thread soon.