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RUMOR ALERT: Kings Involved in Bulls-Lakers Deal?

Pound the salt, baby, but a Chicago radio station is reporting the Bulls have a deal on the table, awaiting Kobe Bryant's approval, which involves the Kings. Apparently, Ron Artest and Kirk Hinrich and possibly another Chicago asset would go to the Lakers, Kobe would join the Bulls, and the Kings would get... something?

To me, if this isn't smoke out of someone's ass, Hinrich to Sacramento would make more sense... unless Sacramento was shedding an undesirable contract in the process, as well. I know Geoff Petrie was very high on Joakim Noah around draft time, and I think a kid like Noah is worth adding (along with enough expiring contract to make it fly under cap rules) for wasting Artest's time. But I still think Hinrich makes more sense in Sacramento than PG-heavy L.A.

UPDATE: The radio station in question is now reporting Mike Bibby as being in play, which seems ridiculous/stunning to me. Any sense the deal made is losing steam... (Thanks to Matt for the updates.)

UPDATE #2: Ric Bucher got on ESPN to throw some more names in the fire, but added the deal is dead. He said something like the Bens Wallace and Gordon were slotted to Sacramento, which is beyond stupid. I give up.