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Friday Morning Links

  • Darryl Watkins was called a 'traitor' when visiting Rutgers because he grew up in Jersey but went to Syracuse, reports Sam Amick of The Bee. I went to Sac State despite growing up west of the river. However, they do not yell at me when I step onto the UC Davis campus. They really don't say anything to me, actually.
  • More on Watkins from the above link: He apparently has an offensive game. "Watkins is known to bury mid-range jumpers and can operate in the post. At Paterson Catholic High School, he scored a then-record 55 points to break the school record of NBA veteran Tim Thomas." But to say Justin Williams is the far superior rebounder is an understatement. And if that roster spot is all about rebounding, you can't think about not giving it to Williams.
  • Amick quotes Reggie Theus as saying surgery is a strong possibility for Spencer Hawes' knee. Fun!
  • Speaking of great news about knees, here's Theus on Shareef Abdur-Rahim: "Yesterday he ran, but today he hasn't done much running, so I've told him that the season is long if we work this right, you'll be a real solid add at the right time." Emphasis mine. Kenny Thomas sightings ahead, friends.
  • HOOPSWORLD's Eric Pincus (a very good writer) agrees with something we've been saying since last winter: Corey Maggette fits better alongside Kevin Martin than does Ron Artest. But the team needs an Andre Miller type to really make a Speed-Maggs tandem work. (Notice I didn't say they need a point guard at the level of Miller, just one of his stock. A distributor.)
  • If you're into S&M, NBA TV is showing Game 7 today at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  • Matt Barnes is one of three Golden State captains this year.
  • Longer post on the trio of Bibby, Martin and Artest coming later today Saturday. (Sorry!)