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Columbus Day Links & Notes

  • Note the new poll. Please make any comments here on that question; I'm very interested to see what y'all have to say.
  • Reggie Theus has some telling comments in Sam Amick's Mustafa Shakur profile: "I don't know. They're working hard," Theus said when asked if he had had any revelations regarding the spot. "Right now, I think that there's no command of the floor at that position yet. If you're going to play point guard, you have to command the floor -- unless, as I told them earlier, I can call every play for you, and I know they don't want that." Doesn't sound like a guy who wants to keep Shakur or Orien Greene, let alone play them. And it's not good news on Quincy Douby's progress.
  • I know a lot of you are Giants fans, and you Giants fans read McCovey Chronicles. The McCoven's Grant Brisbee is up for the 2007 Blogging Scholarship. Vote for him here.
  • R.E. Graswich, freed from his Sacramento Bee shackles, now has no reason to even attempt to be honest. In his 150-word 'editorial' for CBS 13's website, he says the Cal Expo arena would kill the State Fair. He offers no justification, no sentient arguments, nothing. Is it really too hard to at least make up a justification for your argument? And he insists the Maloofs won't be chipping in, even though that statement has never been made by anyone. This is why people are so cynical, because these people with an audience crap on everything they can. Use a toilet, Bob.
  • I'm a little late, but we have a group of supporters for the Monorail!.