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Thursday Footnotes, Courtesy of Beno

  • Sam Amick reports the Kings might have just signed Beno Udrih. More soon. At the very least, Mustafa Shakur has been cut. Happy trails, young man.
  • Here's the 'four factors boxscore'; I hope to bring it to you after every Kings game this year.
    Team      ORtg    eFG   OReb%   TORate   FTRate
     SAC      94.7   .463    19.5     15.8     18.5
     NOH     109.5   .571    29.7     20.0     20.8

    The only thing the Kings did well statistically: limit turnovers. Many of New Orleans' giveaways were unforced, so you can't even give them credit for the Hornets' high turnover rate.
  • Orien Greene will get bashed for his game. Just know the Kings outscored the Hornets by five points in the first half when Orien was at the point (21-16 in nine minutes with stints in both quarters). Orien Greene wasn't the problem. Most (all?) of those minutes came with Chris Paul on the floor.
  • Quincy Douby says he'll be fine by Friday's game in San Antonio.
  • Sam Amick says a Bobby Jackson and Rasual Butler for Kenny Thomas trade almost happened this summer. I continue to be floored by New Orleans' apparent continuing lust for K-9 (woof!).