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GAME 6 vs Minnesota, Preview & Game Thread

Alright, looking after Mr. and Mrs. Z's house and opening the thread. Before we take a closer look at tonight's battle of the titans, let's take a looksee and see what TZ keeps in this locked cabinet (the key was on the top of the door - how predictable): Hmm, case of tobasco, rat trap, fur lined handcuffs, and something that looks like it's supposed to be worn but I have no idea how to put it on. TZ, you saucy little minx!

OK, on to the game. Let's take a looksee and see who is playing for Minnestota: Case of tobasco, rat trap, fur lined handcuffs...

The Timberwolves do have a guy that would look great in a Kings uniform. Al Jefferson is averaging 20.3 pts. and 12.5 boards a game. Brad Miller, Mikki Moore and K9(woof!) have combined for 17.2 pts. and 13.2 boards per game. The T'Wolves have already used a couple of different staring lineups, but it looks like it might be Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Rashard McCants, Greg Buckner and Sebastian Telfair as the starting five. They are 0-4 and coming off a 107-93 loss to the Lakers last night. Rookie Corey Brewer has been scoreless in two of those four games and is averaging 3 pts. and 3 reb. in about 15 minutes per game. Randy Foye is currently injured.

As already well chronicled, our boys flirted with a victory against the Eastern Conference champs last night. I don't know that we played well, but we played damn hard, and the general consensus around here was the hope that Martin would get more looks (check), Garcia and Douby would get more burn (check, check), and that we would play hard (check). Theus has gone small on several occasions, which bodes well for us once Ron-Ron comes back on Wednesday.

So how about a little Spencer Hawes and Beno Udrih tonight? Nothing big, just enough minutes to whet our whistles. Tip off is shortly after 7 PM. Game is on Comcast. GO KINGS!!!