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The View From Section 214, 11/9

Well, it's me and Mrs. Section214 for tonight's game, so don't expect too much information on the dance team costumes. She used to play "Are those real or fake" with me until she figured out I was getting free looks at other women. Fun while it lasted...

7:13 and we have a Spencer Hawes sighting, but no Beno Udrih.
I just have this feeling that Daniel Gibson and Damon Jones are going to light us up tonight.
K9(woof!) is working on his free throws - yikes.
The vendors are all dressed in Giants orange and black, maybe in honor of the Omar Vizquel signing?
John Salmons is introduced as being "From the U." Sounds cool.
The ovation for Martin is even louder tonight than opening night, even though it appears that there are more empty seats.
Empty seats for Friday night and LeBron. I'm thinking that the Thursday, 1/10 tilt vs. Memphis could be particularly ugly.

1st Quarter
1:42 into the game and Miller grabs our 1st rebound, 4 for them.
4:19 into the game and Miller grabs our 2nd rebound, 9 for them.
The little version of The Hip Hop Crew rocks!
A Seargent home from Iraq receives a standing ovation. No matter what your views are on the war the moment has to tug at you.
Brad Miller appears to get shorter when he jumps.
Reggie Theus is begging the guys to push the ball up the floor.
Nice little run for Douby here in the 1st quarter.

2nd quarter
Having Moore and K9(woof!) in the game at the same time gives the appearance that we have eight legs and no hands under the basket.
Who is more important to Cleveland's success tonight, Bron or K9(woof!)?
Jerry Porter is introduced to mixed applause.
This Kevin Martin guy is really, really good.
"Rob" from "Rob & Big" is here. LeBron must be in town.
48 all at the half. Thank God for effective free throw shooting.

Trampoline act for the halftime show. And I wasn't already depressed about our big guy's leaping ability?

3rd Quarter
Mikki Moore with his version of the "Opey Dope." So, so wrong.
Mrs. Section214 asks me if the Maloof's get an employee discount on their food and beverages. Sigh.
SpeedRacer stares Bron right in the eye and takes him to the rack. I'm beginning to see signs of nasty in Martin. At some point in his development I hope that he learns how to demand the ball.
Brad, please stop whining. It makes us sad.
I don't think that we're going to see Spencer but this has turned into a helluva game.

4th Quarter
Not the kind of start to the quarter that we were looking for.
Coming back.
Good buzz overall in the arena tonight.
Miller to Martin: Touchdown! and the largest roar of the night.
It appears that ARCO Arena may be a Sign Man free environment this year.
Devin Brown? Devin Brown?? Devin Brown???
Theus just "Douby'd" Mikki Moore. Moore missed his defensive assignment, Theus hooked him, put in K9(woof!), had a few choice words for him, and put him back in the game.
The Miller / Moore two man game is a bad idea.
John Salmons likes the 4th quarter.
3.1 seconds left. Was that a foul? That sure looked like a foul.
Game over. Moral victory my ass. I hate losing.

My next game is Saturday, 12/1 vs. Rick Adelman's Houston Rockets (everybody say "Yao!"). Until then, end transmission.