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Kings/Wolves Recap

A few nuggets to take from last night's game:

Brad Miller has gone from being part of the rebounding problem to being the guy that needs some rebounding help underneath. Will Justin Williams ever suit up for The Kings again?

Beno Udrih is easily the most natural point guard that we have on our roster and he is a vast improvement over what we have seen. This does not mean that we should stop dreaming about Derrick Rose, O.J. Mayo, or Darren Collison.

Ron-Ron is back on Wednesday. 5-10 of his minutes should be donated by Kevin Martin, who will otherwise be dead by Christmas.

Along that line, note to Reggie Theus - Please don't forget about Quincy Douby now that Beno is playing and Ron-Ron is returning. He should still be able to pick up 6-8 minutes a half as your primary off the bench scoring threat.

It's not what we saw from Spencer Hawes last night. It's that we saw Spencer Hawes last night.

Mikki Moore either has a very good open relationship with Reggie Theus or a very bad combative relationship with Reggie Theus. I'm not sure yet.

The Orien Greene era may be nearing an end.

John Salmons and Francisco Garcia have earned their playing time. The same cannot be said for our cower forwards. This should be noted when it comes time to get Artest the balance of his minutes.

I'll leave the stats breakdown to the professionals, but the fact that we were +16 at the free throw line last night helped, yes?

TZ's back tomorrow, so we have the rest of the day party at his house, but this mess has to be cleaned up before we leave.