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Tuesday Footnotes

  • As our friend Ben Q. Rock wrote up over at Third Quarter Collapse, there's been suggestions of sending Shareef Abdur-Rahim to Orlando for an expiring contract. I love Reef and I would be forever upset he didn't succeed here, because his lack of success has nothing to do with him -- it's been terrible circumstances in all. But it makes a ton of sense. Reggie Theus gave Reef some burn in the second quarter. The offense was fine -- drew two double-teams, got as many assists has General Udrih, added another hockey assist and while his shot looked flatter than usual, it wasn't like it resembled a Kenny Thomas free throw or something. But he doesn't have legs at all, and I'd think that'd be why a) Theus doesn't want to play him and b) Orlando might be a good destination. Theus has to rely on everyone getting back in transition; Stan Van Gundy could probably get away with a lumbering power forward considering Dwight Howard's gait. That play last night where Mehmet Okur got wide open under the rim in transition? Reef ran his ass off at full speed to get back on defense and was still about three steps short. Sadly, Mikki Moore isn't someone who can cover those... weaknesses.
  • Another idle trade rumor: Stephon Marbury? Matt from Blog-a-Bull points out the Knicks probably don't just want to pay Marbury to go away. His deal comes off the books after next season. Brad Miller, Kenny Thomas, Shareef Abdur-Rahim -- those guys have longer deals. The Kings couldn't do it if they were going to turn around and buy Marbury out -- it'd make more financial sense to buy out K-9 (woof!) and use Miller as the starting center he is. And buying out K-9 (woof!) still doesn't make financial sense. So I'd guess 'no' on this one, unless Geoff Petrie wants to go for broke in rebuilding during the summer of 2009.
  • This Francisco Garcia-Rashad McCants incident Sam Amick mentions frightens me a great deal. Anyone see in the Minny game where McCants popped the ball out of Garcia's hands and out of hands for apparently no reason another than just to do it? Notice when Garcia -- maybe two, three possessions later -- drove on McCants for the easy and-1, the type of layup where Francisco rolls it right off the glass and over the rim, so it's more like a 'lay-down'? Both plays become much more fun when put in context.
  • More from Amick, if you didn't catch it: He rips KCRA for their coverage of the Justin Williams case. I think most of us eschew the local TV stations for coverage of the local team, luckily.