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Justin Williams Absolved Of Criminal Menage a Trois Charges

Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee reports the Sacramento County district attorney's office has decided it won't press attempted rape charges against Justin Williams.

No word on when Williams will rejoin the team, or if he will. Grant Napear on 1140 AM seemed to indicate there's no place in the frontcourt for Williams; I guess some people have accepted the Mikki Moore era with open arms. Clearly, Williams is a plus rebounder -- hell, he's a plus-plus rebounder for this squad. Yes, the team needs frontcourt offense and good team defense from the bigs... and Williams doesn't really supply either (though I'd imagine his offense can't be much worse than Moore or Kenny Thomas when you consider  offensive putbacks and transition). But Williams can certainly help the defensive rebounding game and is an excellent shot-blocker and general defensive paint nuisance.

The quicker Williams is back in the rotation -- at the expense of a Hydra head, surely -- the better for the Kings. He's an above average talent on this team.