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Wednesday Footnotes

  • Ron Artest is back. It looks like he may start at power forward, which is thrilling on dozens of levels. (Also: Happy Birthday, Ron.)
  • Justin Williams won't be back tonight, but apparently will be back very soon.
  • KCRA talked to Williams, and he expressed his desire to get back on the court ASAP.
  • Kevin Martin may soon be wearing Steve Nash's signature Nikes, though other shoe companies are also vying for his services. He wore Jumpmans (a second-tier Jordan brand) the past few years. I believe Mike Bibby wears the Jumpman brand, as well.
  • From the same link: Sam Amick agrees on the whole usage rate fiasco going on with Martin. He needs the ball more!
  • You know who else agrees? ESPN's John Hollinger. "He's become both a deadly outside shooter and a free-throw magnet, and unlike a lot of big-time scorers, he never takes a bad shot." Hollinger also marks John Salmons as an early season surprise, commenting that "in the early going he's been a revelation who has helped take some of the heat off Martin." I'm not sure this Salmons could exist in a bench role... or even with another high usage player (Artest) in the starting lineup. I hope so, though.
  • In his chat, though, Hollinger reveals he doesn't think Martin can make the All-Star cut through no fault of his own: "History shows us that when in doubt, the coaches will ALWAYS screw a guy from a team with a losing record -- ask Elton Brand about this sometime -- so the odds of Kevin getting shafted are pretty high."
  • Friend of StR Brian McCormick wholeheartedly endorses a Shareef Abdur-Rahim for Carlos Arroyo trade. I cannot blame him.
  • This Stephon Marbury stuff is really too much. If you're into drama and find yourself getting nervous about the WGA strike... just keeping reading the New York tabs the next week or so. I predict much humor.