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New York Sun: Kings Make Most Sense in Marbury Trade

Despite the usual qualms with using the New York tabloids as references on trade rumors, The Sun actually has a nice basketball page. (They also employ John Hollinger with bi-weekly columns.) The Sun's Martin Johnson thinks Sacramento is the best fit for a Stephon Marbury trade.

The most obvious trade partner for the Knicks is the Sacramento Kings, their opponent tomorrow night. The Kings are in disarray and would like to move some bodies to get closer to a new start. I'm sure the Kings' management would like to trade guard Mike Bibby and forward Ron Artest, but I doubt either will enter the conversation in a trade for Marbury. Both Bibby and Artest have contracts that expire in the summer of '09 already, so there's no advantage gained in moving them for another contract with the same end point. But the Kings are in no short supply of underperforming players with big contracts, and they would be happy to move some combination of center Brad Miller or forwards Kenny Thomas and Shareef Abdur-Rahim. Each is on the books until 2010. So moving them for a deal that ends sooner should be attractive to Kings' GM Geoff Petrie.

That'd be something, losing all that contract without sending out Bibby or Artest. Miller and Thomas would get it done on paper... but you certainly wouldn't be getting any sort of prospect back. It also doesn't make any sense for the Knicks, who need a point guard.

But hey, the Knicks are coming to town. Expect to hear much more of this type of thing.