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Friday Footnotes

  • Reggie Theus is really pumping up Mookie Watkins stock. Seeing him get a start tonight would be a pleasant surprise -- Kenny Thomas and Mikki Moore were useless Wednesday, and Shareef Abdur-Rahim clearly needs a few weeks to get back to tortoise speed.
  • Sam Amick lets us read about a Chuck Person vs. Francisco Garcia shoot-off, but doesn't tell us who won.
  • rbiegler passed along this awesome All White-Trash team, which (unsurprisingly) features a few members of the Kings family.
  • Nik Caner-Medley went sixth in the NBDL draft last night. Enjoy Iowa, buddy. Rashid Byrd went to Tulsa.
  • The New York Post's Marc Berman: "If Ron Artest is still available the Knicks would likely have to come off their stance of David Lee and Renaldo Balkman as untouchables. The Kings nearly received Bulls star Ben Gordon in a three-team Artest/Kobe Bryant trade." David Lee could save this team. I'm not kidding.