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GAME 2 at San Antonio, Preview & Open Game Thread

If nothing else, we can learn.

Personnel is only a part of the rebuilding process. Growth might be as important. Kevin Martin is great -- he can become better by getting 20 shots a night, finding holes and crevices and creaks in uniformly iron defenses. If you accept the beatdown to come while supplying the effort to make it competitive, you can get something from a sub-par shooting night with lots of turnovers. The final buzzer isn't a repudation of your skills; it's a bell signaling the end of this particular class.

This is why Spencer Hawes' knees are so irritating. He should be getting 10 minutes a night in games like the one to come tonight. Sure, there's plenty of March and April. But how much is there really to take in positive terms from a fairly certain 10-point loss in San Antonio (not to mention what horrors follow Saturday in Dallas).

No matter; you've got to play them all. And we do have Martin, Francisco Garcia and Quincy Douby to watch. No offense to the pieces which are not likely in Geoff Petrie's future plans, which seems to be pretty much everyone else.

As such, no need to belabor the preview. Tip comes at 5:30 p.m. on Comcast locally; radio at 1140 AM. All your thoughts before, during and after come in this thread.