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Free Justin Williams

I don't what else to write. This should have been a 50-point loss, not a 16-point loss. That first half reminded me a little bit of Game 2 against Dallas in 2003, before Chris Webber's franchise-altering injury. There's nothing you can do but stay out of the way, more or less.

So yeah, I take one thing from it: free Justin Williams. Ten rebounds in 15 minutes... on a team who desperately needs rebounding... when Mikki Moore and Kenny Thomas are featured prominently. I don't want to see Williams at the expense of Spencer Hawes (and we saw why last night -- 12 points in 20 minutes on a variety of smooth moves), but Williams is almost necessary, especially in the second quarter of games. He should be in when all the backups are in -- backups miss more (especially Sacramento's bench), and Williams is a stud offensive rebounder. Let him help you.

Otherwise, godspeed to the Artest family and Happy Thanksgiving. (And if you'd like to see what dominated my attention the last few days, enjoy The Chronicles of Starbury.)