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The Beno Question

I looked over TZ's Beno Udrih poll this morning. Very simple. So why have I did I have so much trouble coming to a conclusion, and why did I almost immediately second guess my decision (I chose 6th man)?

Beno Udrih is quite possibly the most intriguing King of the moment. We know that our future will have Kevin Martin and Spencer Hawes in it, and it won't have Mike Bibby or (most likely) Ron Artest. But what say ye about Beno?

Had we drafted Udrih we would be calling for ROY right now. And while he is a 3rd year man he really does not have a ton of experience. For all of our disdain for some of GP's recent free agent acquisitions, we sure have to be thrilled with this deal, right? As I had mentioned in an earlier thread, had Petrie pulled off a draft day deal that brought Udrih here for a future 2nd round pick we would really love him right now. Well, we have him and we didn't even have to give up a pick.

And the offense looks much better when he is on the floor. The team assist numbers are better (though still not good), and the ball movement is getting better and better. So maybe I want to change my vote and make him my PG of the present and future.

But I am really intigued by Derrick Rose, and to a lesser extent O.J. Mayo. So is that the rub? I like Beno but he's not a franchise changer like the above mention duo could be?

So then where do I place Udrih amongst next year's prospects? I don't like him as much as Mayo or Rose but do I like him better than Darren Collison? Jarreyd Bayless? Ty Lawson? Does having Udrih enable me instead to set my sights on a big guy like Michael Beasley? Darrell Arthur? Roy Hibbert?

In the end, I could go in any direction on this question. Perhaps the answer will be clearer in a couple of months, after I have seen the best and worst of Beno. But I don't want to wait a couple of months. I want to know now. I am counting on my fellow StR brethren to shed some light upon me and show me the way. Kusian, Otis, pookey, dalt, murph, kingme, kingme18, Brother Hedo, Identity916, Carl, Rhonnda, Mityt, OBB, cdoggy, louis, and all the rest of you (and even you, TZ), please help me in my time of indecision and enlighten me with your intelligent and informed points of view (or just make something up and lob it in here anyway).