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Wednesday Footnotes

The Footnotes live!

  • If you haven't read this masterful outtake from Sam Amick's Chronicles of Beno Udrih weekend, do so. Braid Miller, of all folks, critiques Beno's off-court fashion.
  • Another Amick hit: Miller seems to like Reggie Theus' offense much more than Eric Musselman's. Was it 20? 25? games into last season when Miller was still wondering aloud in the press what his role was on offense? I don't think Miller's resurgence will be real or extended, but I'd love to be surprised.
  • Spencer Hawes asked Theus for more playing time. He's a rookie getting 12 minutes. I love this kid.
  • My boys at Golden State of Mind asked me a few questions about our Kings, and the results have been posted. When I worked through in my mind why a midseason trade of Ron Artest for Monta Ellis wouldn't work, I got sad.
  • People often make fun of our favorite team's moniker. It could be worse.
  • Cavalier Attitude offers some Anderson Varejao sign-and-trade ideas, of which the Kings factor twice. Varejao and an expiring contract for Artest doesn't get me excited, but when you switch that to Mike Bibby, add a first-round pick and make Varejao's salary no more than an average of $7 million a year, I'm more inclined to be intrigued. As noted around these parts previously (this thread particularly), Varejao's numbers won't blow you away. But the first-look numbers don't reveal everything about Varejao. He's a damn fine forward... for the right price.
  • Finally, a discussion of who should start -- the best players, or the best combination of players.