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The Power Of One Game

A few days ago, I was lamenting that this season was headed down a path we Kings fans veterans have seen all too frequently, a route to despair. Winless on the road, and firmly planted in last place in the Pacific Division, we saw TZ say the Kings had a 1 in 6 chance of defeating the Spurs, and fully two thirds of Sactown Royalty faithful (including me) said the Kings would likely only win one or two games on this five-game homestand.

Then came Monday night. Somehow, despite the tall odds and our low expectations, the Kings beat up the Spurs, 112-99. Beno Udrih posted 27 points. Six Kings were in double figures, including the 8 for 9 shooting Mikki Moore, who tallied 17. This single fluke game got people to sit up and take notice, including my colleague.

While at lunch the conversation turned to basketball, and she said, "The Kings are doing pretty well this year, aren't they?"

Dumbfounded, I respond... "Not really. They're in last place, and they're 0-7 on the road. Bibby is still out..."

Interrupting, she answered, "But they beat the Spurs!"

"At home..." I start to say. "Kevin Martin was 0-6 at halftime and he's their leading scorer..." I continue, mentioning random stats to sound smart, proving nothing.

She continued... "And the Warriors are so bad. The Kings have GOT to be ahead of them..."

Not exactly. Last I checked, the Warriors were 1 1/2 games ahead of our last place Kings, even after their shocking game against the Spurs. You see... the NBA was upside-down on Monday, and while we were dunking on Duncan, the W's were shocking the Suns. But still, the stark weirdness of Monday remains:

  • The 3rd quarter was the Kings' BEST.
  • Brad Miller out-rebounded and out-scored Tim Duncan.
  • The Kings shot 55% as a team for the game.
For One Game, the Kings were the best. But one game usually doesn't make a season. As happy as I was to see the Kings beat the Spurs, I'll be more excited when they win away from Arco or put a string of victories together. That sure would be something.

The Warriors come to town at 7 p.m. Wednesday looking to keep Northern California bragging rights, and to make sure the Kings don't get any momentum.