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Battle Hymns of the Republic

Versus San Antonio, November 26, 4th quarter
26 points in 21 possessions.

Versus Golden State, November 28, 4th quarter
14 points in 23 possessions.

San Antonio defense:  # 2 in 2006-07, #11 in 2007-08
Golden State defense: #19 in 2006-07, #28 in 2007-08

Someday, this team will get out of its own way. Today is not that day.

It shouldn't be possible to play credible defense against Golden State and lose, unless you have a truly disastrous offense. Sacramento does not -- the offense has been between 'meh' and 'wow!' this year, with 'wow!' having been the most recent incarnation. Of course, Don Nelson read the Brad Miller playbook and kept Matt Barnes in his pocket the entire game. Guess what? Miller, covered with honey and feathers, can't find anyone open from less than 25 feet from the rim. Miller can't pass to anyone in good position, so everyone stands around while Ron Artest takes on three orange jerseys every single time down in the fourth. Reggie Theus, failing to realize he needs scorers on the floor, keeps Mikki Moore in the game far longer than he should have. Don Nelson, realizing Kevin Martin is the Kings' only shot at reliable offense, doubles him every time he looks at the ball.

Judging by the first quarter, this should have been predictable. At least the team is together -- they get hot and cold at the same times, it seems.