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Thursday Footnotes

  • Do you want to know what the problem with overconfidence is? Then read this set of Ron Artest quotes about the fourth quarter shot selection from Sam Amick's game story: "Ron Artest didn't see a problem, saying of the Kings' 2-for-23 fourth-quarter shooting and reliance on their outside game that 'we'll take those (shots) again' and of his 1-for-9 outing in the period that he simply missed 'good looks.'" Please, please don't.
  • We didn't touch this Tuesday morning, but Kevin Martin got benched for much of the fourth quarter against the Spurs. He was not mad at Reggie Theus because of it.
  • Ballhype's Jason Gurney put the birthplaces of every NBA player into a Google Map. Man, Beno Udrih is far from home. That map's a lot of fun to look at; the player born closest to Sacramento was a bit of a surprise. Concord's finest!
  • The Maloofs love customer service. (You know what'd be awesome customer service? Drop parking by $2. $10 to squeeze in between two Hummers and be forced to leave midway through the fourth to ensure the drivers/passengers of said Hummers don't destroy your paint job is absurd.)
  • Golden State of Mind feels good about the win.
  • Two notes from this Nevada Appeal story: Geoff Petrie's son is a scout for the Kings? He was apparently scouting the Nevada-Cal game; I assume DeVon Hardin was the major draw.
  • Yesterday, in my Q&A with GSoM, I mentioned Monta Ellis wouldn't make sense in exchange for Ron Artest because Ellis' contract situation would preclude the Kings from signing him this summer. I was wrong: I mistakenly thought he'd be working with his Early Bird rights this summer; he'll be at the Bird rights stage, actually. With Early Bird rights, a trade removes the salary cap end-around the provision provides. Not so with Bird rights: Only a waiver can remove those after a player has three years in the league. So the Kings, if they traded for Ellis, could extend him long-term while over the cap. I still don't think a deal makes sense: Aren't the Warriors overloaded at the swing position? They'd have a starting lineup of Baron/Jack/Artest/Barnes-or-Pietrus/Harrington-or-Biedrins, which seems a little thin in the scoring for what Don Nelson does. But hell, I'd take the deal in a heartbeat. You can play Kevin Martin at small forward with the right power forward in place.