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Kenny Thomas' PER: -7.1

It's hard to joke about Kenny Thomas. I listened to Jason Ross call the first quarter on the radio (he's really good, by the way) -- the sheer contempt in Ross' voice said it all. Right now and dating back to last season: Kenny Thomas is not an NBA player. Rebounding specialists typically have absurd rebound rates. Example: Justin Williams, whose rebound rate was 20 last year. K-9 (woof!) has been close to that; he's a 15 rebound rate at max and closer to 13 at this stage of his career. Brad Miller's about a 13 rebound rate, and he's a terrible rebounding center. K-9 (woof!) clearly can't score, blowing enough layups to get Reggie Theus to yank him by the time 3 minutes and 40 seconds are up. He's not a defensive wizard. He's not a stud passer. (He has as many turnovers as shot attempts this year.) He does NOTHING well, and several things terribly.

Yesterday, I joked David Lee could cure this team. At this point, Justin Williams would suffice. This team is getting less than zero out of the power forward position -- the options are not only failing to bolster our wings (all three of which who are playing well), they are putting us at a distinct disadvantage from the opening tip.

It's not just the rebounding (which has been, as you know, atrocious). It's the offense. Kevin Martin, Francisco Garcia and John Salmons are all shooting well above average for their positions (54 TS% for Salmons, 56 for Martin and Garcia). Brad Miller is scoring a better rate than last year. The point guards haven't... blown the doors off, but they haven't been terribly involved. The power forwards have done NOTHING but turn it over (Kenny), clank shots (Mikki), or go 'up' strong when there's three opponents in the vicinity (Reef). Shareef's by far been the best PF... and he's one for seven. !!!

Justin Williams doesn't know what he's supposed to do most of the time, but at least his deft offensive rebounding could provide a boost. And if put in Shareef's positions around the rim, we know Justin can finish. This season opening catastrophe would've been a perfect opportunity for him. The fuzz ruin everything.