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Saturday Footnotes

  • I think we're all over the first half by now, but just in case someone isn't:
    Half    ORtg    eFG   OReb%   TORate   FTRate
    1st     51.8   .208    14.3     18.0     22.2
    2nd    114.0   .577    11.8     12.0     30.8
  • Devin Harris is likely out for the game tonight. Of course, David West was supposed to be out for the opener. Josh Howard will almost assuredly be in, by the way. Gulp.
  • Here's the Game Flow from last night. Always interesting to look at.
  • Ron Artest won't get back on the court any sooner, but he saved some money by appealing.
  • I smell a Darryl Watkins start tonight. Just a gut feeling.
  • No team in the NBA has a worse point-differential than the Kings.
  • I'm writing a letter (as suggested by SuperSonicSoul)to the league office endorsing a solution for Seattle's Sonics mess. If you're similarly mortified by Clay Bennett's behavior, I'd encourage you to do the same.