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Monday Footnotes

  • Spencer Hawes wants to play now. He'll probably wait another week. I never thought I'd look forward to seeing that dude get in the game so much.
  • Kevin Martin doesn't like not having his dudes alongside him, which is a bit surprising since those two kept Kevin under wraps most of last year. Also, Brad Miller doesn't understand the offense, which makes Brad Miller a lot like us.
  • Beno Udrih sounds happy to be in Sacramento: ""I like Sacramento a lot. It is also a place with a slow tempo without many distractions, and I like that. California will be good because of the weather as well." In the first link in this post, Sam Amick reports Udrih will likely debut Friday against Cleveland.
  • The Detroit News' Chris McCoskey (who finds himself in a firestorm this weekend after some silly comments he made w/r/t bloggers) asks: "If you are the Sacramento Kings and your point guard is out for a couple of months, why wouldn't you sign Earl Boykins?" Answer: Because if you are the Sacramento Kings, you are over the salary cap and can offer only the minimum salary, which is less than what Boykins is willing to take to come to a lottery team. Duh. Does McCoskey really think the Kings didn't try to sign Boykins? And he's the one calling Jameer Nelson clueless? Pfft.
  • Crazy Sam Smith of the Chicago Tribune by way of the planet Neptune (eat it, Pluto!) says the Kings will soon start auctioning its veterans off to the highest bidder. Pfft.