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Tuesday Footnotes

  • Mike Bibby wishes he were not injured.
  • Monday practice was apparently rough.
  • This Marty McNeal column on the big man situation is spot frickin' on.
  • Barry Temkin of the Chicago Tribune reveals Justin Williams didn't play much in high school because he was behind Eddy Curry on the depth chart. This kid's repeatedly come out of nowhere to shock people. And now he's in a life's limbo on attempted rape charges stemming from a menage a trois. Un-frickin-believable.
  • Gerald Wallace is the best player even gotten through an expansion draft. I wish the Bobcats came into extension one season later than they did.
  • Kevin Pelton previews the Sonics-Kings match tonight with the help of myself and's Andrew Nicholson. And Pelton also reveals just how fast Seattle is playing right now. The Kevins will race to 40.