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Scott Brooks Shanks Eric Musselman, I Think

You tell me? From Sam Amick's story on Scotty Brooks in this morning's Bee:

"I was that close," he said. "Close enough to know that I was qualified to get it. I know I'm qualified to come in and coach. I don't have to fool or trick anybody or try to have this incredible interview. I am what I am. I'll tell you exactly how I feel, and that was good enough to get a second interview (with the Kings)."

Oh hell yes.

If you'll remember, Amick reported after Eric Musselman that he and Brooks -- his lead assistant -- hadn't spoken collegially in months. If Scotty had gotten the job (which looked like a certainly for a minute), what a twist of the knife that would've been. Instead, Brooks waits for another chance (he'll get one... soon) while Muss resigns himself to a lesser level of competition. Poeticism is still on the horizon.