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Wednesday Footnotes

  • Read section214's recap if you haven't. Hilarious insights from inside ARCO. I, for one, can't wait to see Huge Mike for myself.
  • Knickerblogger has the advanced statistics page for this season up. It's like a Holy day when that thing makes it first appearance. You'll notice Kevin Martin is #11 in the league in PER, Francisco Garcia is protecting the ball much better than John Salmons or Quincy Douby, the Kings have the #17 offense and the #28 defense (egads!), despite forcing more turnovers per possessions than anyone. Banana bread ain't got nothing on Knickerblogger's stats page.
  • Fellow former international relations students should enjoy the Matthew Yglesias guest post on Free Darko. !!!
  • The Basketball Jones turns 200. Every basketball fan human should be listening to that show; gold (or otherwise valuable metal; my Wall Street Journal got ganked by an old homeless lady so I'm not up on my commodities today) every time out.
  • This looks somewhat familiar. As in nearly every offensive possession of the Kings' young season not controlled by Brad Miller or Kevin Martin.
  • The Kings are the sixth most expensive ticket, on average. I haven't played more than $10 a seat since 2003. Only the Boston game on Dec. 26 saw the cheap seats sell out in the individual game presale this year (as far as I know). Ah, the benefits of suckitude. (And via Larry Brown Sports by way of BallHype.)
  • Speaking of BallHype... I gather there are many MMA fans in Sacramento, judging by the existence of The Carmichael Dave Show. BallHype now has a Combat Sports section.