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Thursday Footnotes

  • Jason Hart, explained. (The last paragraph is the kicker.)
  • Kenny Thomas and Mikki Moore yelled at the coaching staff during the second quarter the other night?
  • DJ Mbenga is posting in Sacramento, but the Kings aren't inviting him to stay, reports Marty McNeal.
  • The Kings might not sell out a game this year. That Melody Gutierrez story doesn't say that; I can surmise that from the facts laid out, though. No worries -- Houston, who might win the NBA title, is hoping for 30 sellouts out of 41 tries. The streak was rare; Sacramento hasn't given up on pro basketball, some of us have just given up on this incarnation.
  • Spencer Hawes is back in practice. He talked on the radio last night when I was driving home. Said he felt good. What would it take for us to call him a savior? Like 10/8 off the bench? I've never had such a change of heart about a guy so fast.