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Friday Footnotes

  • Sam Amick takes a nice, long look at all things Kevin Martin. A must-read.
  • Reggie Theus indicates he'll hold Spencer Hawes back for another two weeks despite Shawes wanting in now; Beno Udrih, on the other hand, might play tonight despite wanting to give his broken finger another few days.
  • John Abrams of the Los Angeles Times does a story on Sam Cassell's renowned pump fake. The relevant passage: "Last month during an exhibition game against the Sacramento Kings, Mike Bibby fell for it twice, fouling Cassell each time. Cassell said Bibby later asked him how anyone could defend the move." How do you defend it? As a team, you get a bigger guard on Cassell, and that guard sticks his arms straight up and lets Cassell shoot. Sam doesn't get too high off the floor; a Francisco Garcia type would make the shot fairly difficult if he recovered from the screen well enough. If you're Mike Bibby... getting near enough to foul Cassell is a win itself. Take the personal foul and call it a push. It's more than he accomplished in 2004. (By the way, Kevin Martin has the 'pump fake foul' down pat. A great tool most shooters don't use enough. Well, most Kings shooters anyway.)
  • Reggie Theus' daughter Raquel is a freshman on the UC Irvine women's basketball team.
  • Ron Artest lost a tooth in practice yesterday. He continued to play.
  • Olden Polynice is coaching in the ABA.