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Hurray, Bench!

It's not quite Da Bench Mob, but I suppose we can't hold that against them.

I mean, sure, it's the Bucks. But a 12-0 run in the fourth quarter is a 12-0 run in the fourth quarter. The line-ups?

Quincy Douby/Francisco Garcia/John Salmons/Kenny Thomas/Spencer Hawes
Royal Ivey/Charlie Bell/Desmond Mason/Charlie Villanueva/Jake Voskuhl

You look at that and you think, "Hey this bench isn't so bad!" (Of course, you look at San Antonio or Dallas or Detroit or [gulp] the Lakers, and yes, this bench looks awful.) Quincy Douby was going to be the key to the Kings offensive consistency in Kevin Martin's absence -- we've discovered already Salmons can score and Garcia can score. They had been scoring with Martin alive, and this team was still losing more than they were winning. You take that efficient top-level scoring away? You've got to replace it, and QD had to be a part of that.

And sure, he only ended up with 5 points. That doesn't matter right now. It matters that he took 7 shots in 15 minutes. It matters that he missed his first three tries but kept shooting. He was not shy, and for us that's a victory.

Also not shy? Spencer Hawes versus the Chinese. Remember the Houston game, to that point the best of Shawes' career? And now, the new model of excellence, against the Bucks? True enough, almost none of Hawes' minutes came with Yi Jianlin on the floor. Still. Someone needs to slap Spencer and tell him to wake up; it's not 1951 anymore.

We should also note for the record Brad Miller presented a masterpiece with 17 points and 11 rebounds. My new policy on Brad: A double-double is a masterpiece.