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Worrying About Quincy Douby

Folks have given up on Quincy Douby. Consider this submission evidence of why you should not be worrying so much about QD.

Kevin Martin was 22 years and 10 months old at the time. QD is 23 years and 7 months.

Both had three seasons of college ball on bad teams. In his junior season at Western Carolina, Martin scored 25 points per game on 47/34/82% shooting. In his junior season at Rutgers, Douby scored 25 points per game on 46/40/85% shooting.

Both are scorers first, scorers second and scorers forever.

There's a reason this thread isn't titled "Worrying About Quincy Douby?" though.

Martin is 6'7. Douby is 6'3. Martin was never anything but a swingman. People (in authority) think Douby is a point guard. Martin had David Thorpe and Pete Carril. Douby has...



Because of size, Douby will never draw fouls like Martin did. Without drawing fouls, Douby will never be a 25-ppg scorer. Because of his decreed position, Douby will be judged on the team's offensive execution in order to get opportunities, something Martin never had to deal with. Because of his decreed position, Douby can't leak out on offense as much, which negates a whole lot of easy points. Because of his size, it's difficult to put Douby on the floor with a standard-issue point guard, which is what pure scorers need.

Douby isn't going to be Kevin Martin. I'd argue you that the Kings don't need him to be -- they need a fatalist sniper off the bench, a player who believes it is his sole destiny to score a point every two minutes he's on the floor. They need a Leandro Barbosa.

How do they get that? They need QD to become a master of creating his own shot (like he did at Rutgers). They need QD to stop hesitating on jumpers -- don't take three dribbles to move a foot closer to the goal, take the shot! They need QD to play irresponsibly fast down the floor; who gives a damn if you dribble into the opponent's hands once in a while? Push!

Most of all? They need to give QD a longer leash. Last night -- seven fourth-quarter minutes -- was a start. But it's not enough. I understand the need to win; I understand 'not giving up' in December. But QD isn't exactly Mateen Cleaves out there. He can play... if you let him. If Dahntay Jones costs him one minute of playing time, it's a mistake. You'll never know if this kid can play until you let him.